Color Additives

Color KeeperTM

(Amino Functional Silicone)

This Exclusive ENJOY® micro-emulsion additive will maximize the penetration, shine and longevity of all colors. Add 1 pre-measured pump into the color or lightener mixture for superior service results.
Color Keeper™ is designed to help lubricate color molecules, helping them slide past the cuticle layer deep within the cortex, creating excellent color penetration. The cuticle layer will remain in better condition as lying downward eliminates the color from sliding out, and creates a natural sheen to the hair.


Color Keeper™ is an amino functional silicone additive that is exclusive to ENJOY® Professional Hair Care. Amino Functional Silicones are commonly used in the textile industry to eliminate fading from fabrics, we’ve used this technology to create the Color Keeper™, and adding one pre measured pump (2cc) of Color Keeper™ will help the color molecules slide into the cortex and reduce cuticle damage. This will create better longevity, shine, and penetration of color.

Intensive Reconstructing Spray (IRS)

  • Increase shine, strength and color longevity
  • Bonds color to the hair
  • Strengthens the hair during the color process
  • Helps eliminate hair damage curing color and lightening services
  • Add 3-5 pumps into color or lightener mixtures