ENJOY® Crème Lightener

A gentle alkalinity booster designed to remove natural and artificial color without adding tone. May be used as a stand-alone lightener, or a hi-lift booster. CL may be used on or off scalp.


As A Lightener

  • Mix 2:1, two parts ENJOY® Professional Gel Developer 10, 20, 30 or 40 Vol to one part ENJOY® Professional Crème Haircolor CL
  • Process to desired results (keeping underlying pigment in mind)


NOTE: ENJOY® Professional Crème Haircolor CL does not have a “tonal value” and will expose pure underlying pigment when used as a lightener.


As a Hi-Lift Booster

  • ENJOY® Professional Crème Haircolor CL, when added to a Level 9 or Level 10 ENJOY® Permanent Crème Color formula, will add an additional 1.5 level of lift  (making the formula “high-lift”)
  • Add up to ¼ CL part to the color formula




To boost a Level 9 or 10 Formula, mix 5 grams of CL and  25 Grams of Level 9 or 10 ENJOY® Permanent Crème Color (tone of your choice) with 60 grams of ENJOY® Professional Gel Developer (10 to 40 Vol). Process according to developer guidelines.

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ENJOY® Hair Lightener & Crème Lightener