Gray Coverage

To achieve solid gray coverage, use 1/4 measurement of Natural Series in your formula. Use more Natural series to enhance the neutral tone.

Standard Gray Coverage

Mix 2 parts developer to 1 part color (minimum 1/4 Natural to 3/4 desired tone) process according to developer timing.


Resistant Gray Coverage

Mix 1 part developer to 1 part color. Increase your oxidizing volume by 1 level (typically 30 Vol.) process according to developer timing.


Pre-Pigment Formula

Used for overly resistant gray coverage, apply to resistant areas (typically the hairline) to provide more pigment for better coverage. Mix equal parts of INTENSIVE RECONSTRUCTING SPRAY (IRS) with the Natural Series at your target level. Begin by applying the Pre-Pigment formula to the most resistant areas, then apply your “Resistant Gray Coverage” formula directly over (without rinsing) and process the color as usual.